The Brexit: Facts and Debate!


Everyone must be aware of one major topic under discussion which is a very important topic as it can have an impact on the economy of the E.U and may also affect several other factors. The topic is the whether the people of the United Kingdom will vote for staying in the EU or will vote for leaving the EU? From the very beginning, when the UK joined the EU, some Britons were against this move. The first voting regarding the membership of the EU which was then known as the EEC was conducted in the year 1975 and majority was in the favor of the membership at that period of time.

However, much water has flown under the bridge till now and the economic, political situations are very different. Even the EU as an entity has changed quite a lot over the years and this may change the outcome at this referendum which will be decided in the month of June 2016. The word Brexit has been created to denote the exit of Britain from the EU and it is under discussion whether the United Kingdom will leave the EU or continue to be a member of it.

Benefits of Brexit according to the people who are in favor of the Exit of the United Kingdom from the EU

  • According to the people who want The UK to leave the EU, the exit will have apositive impact on many aspects of theeconomy of Britain.
  • According to the supporters of exit, this move will allow the United Kingdom to have a better control over the migration policy in the country.document-428334_640
  • This will result in a positive change in many sectors such as housing sector, job opportunities, and other public services.
  • Thirdly, the United Kingdom will not have to pay the membership fees to the EU which will mean savings of Billions for the UK economy.
  • As the UK will not be a member of the EU, the rules regarding atrade for the EU members will not be applicable to the UK and it will be free to make its own deals which are profitable and important for its own economy.

Disadvantages of exit from EU from the point of view of those who don’t support such a move

  • According to those who oppose the exit of the UK from the EU, this move will have anegative impact on the business-1012761_640economy of the UK.
  • Such exit can result in a risk for business in the UK as there will be delays in the investments in the UK and it can also affect the job opportunities in the UK. There is a possibility of anincrease in Job losses after the exit from the EU.
  • If the UK leaves the EU, then it will not have an access to the criminal database which is common for the members of the EU. This can really have an adverse effect on the national security of the UK.
  • If the UK is no longer a member of the EU, the trade between the other member countries and the UK will not be smooth as there will be many obstacles which will hamper the economic growth of the country.